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[Solved] Hancock

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Has any one else seen Hancock yet ?
it was not what I was expecting at all, I did think it wa funny and well thought out unlike some of the other films from Mr. Smith.

anyone interested in creating their top 10 all time movies ? and why

Posted : 20/01/2009 2:45 am
Reputable Member Registered

Thought it was funny, and a relief from the constant re-makes of super hero movies!!

Top 10... here's mine :

Matrix (original one - others lost the plot!)
Saving Private ryan
Bourne (all three)
Rob Roy
Coach Carter
Pursuit of Happiness
Lord of the Rings (triology)
Oceans 11
Star Wars (all six!)

Job done !?

Posted : 21/01/2009 11:06 pm

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