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[Solved] Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal

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Can't say i thought this wasithe best example of Indiana Jones, but bice to see the old classics resurrected - and thankfully there is not too much cgi ruining things.

Meaningful story in the middle of Indie discovering he's got a son (Mutt) - who's the (expected) chip off the old block.

Prior to discovering his new companions heritage, Mutt confesses to Indie he "dropped out of school and is fixing bikes for a living".

Indie responds by saying "if you enjoy it - stick with it and don't let anyone tell you different...."

However, once he discovers Mutt is his son he reverts to a classic "you need to go back and finish school" stance......

Interesting how the writers pick up on the dynamic of how a fathers connection with their teens is based on approval.... Why do we do that? it seems to be intrinsic to being a guy - mums connection (aka 'attachment') to their children is generally based on acceptance, where as dads tend to be based on approval.

We dads have a powerful role therefore in either affirming or rejecting our kids... From conception mums are bonded with their child whereas we have to work at building (and maintaining) our relationship with our kids. Okay - I know - its all got a bit deep......

Anyway its not a bad movie.. Few scary bits (wouldn't take anyone younger than about 8 but it is a 12A) - probably not quite as good as the originals but none the less worth a trip to the movies - I took the boys and a friend and they really enjoyed it anyway!

Topic starter Posted : 25/06/2008 6:59 pm
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Buzz - do you do anything but watch movies... 😉

Posted : 25/06/2008 8:49 pm
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Buzz - you do love ur movies. I am going to have to start posting some myself.. Got the Brothers Grimm out to watch...

I saw the new Indie and agree its not the best - but kids and i enjoyed it anyway.

You know there also was some interesting moral message running through it about what was most important in life : -

- Mac - was after money
- The Soviet character- knowledge and power
- whereas for Indie it was about - relationships... the ones he had lost with his wife and kid...

Hollywood gets deeper - we should get my friend Brother Andrew on here talking about the Matrix! Actually they might need another server for the forum!

Keep those reviews coming!


Posted : 26/06/2008 9:23 pm

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