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Is it a good or bad idea to let a 15 year old visit her mom when she goes to jail or are phone calls better?

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The charge is a check fraud charge and it is a seven month sentence. My daughter she seems to be handling it fine. I told her right away about it and she reacted pretty calmly. I told her mom did the wrong thing and is rightfully serving her punishment. They have a good relationship. The main problem I have is she will see her mom in a jail jumpsuit and see guards and other inmates that could be intimidating. Is that ok for a 15 year old to see? Actually my daughter does not seem scared but instead seems excited and enthusiastic to visit. This is strange to me. Do you find this normal? My daughter seems to find the idea of her mom having to wearing a uniform, sharing a room funny. I wonder why she would think it is funny. My wife says bring her if she would like to and my daughter says she would like to but I don't know if it is a good idea. She hasn't gone yet so we can still discuss it together.

Topic starter Posted : 30/06/2021 10:53 pm
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I googled 'visiting mother in prison' and there are a few articles, mostly American and they may not be very helpful.   Then I wondered whether advice from social services might be an idea or the school?  They will know your daughter and how she will handle the situation.  I can see pros and cons with a visit.  I think its important for your daughter to be well prepared beforehand and to be able to discuss any worries afterwards.

Posted : 01/07/2021 9:34 am
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perhaps she is old enough to handle the situation. you mention she finds it funny, the thought of her mum wearing uniform etc. you could take her for one visit and see how she finds the experience.

Posted : 01/07/2021 11:25 pm

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