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Awkward weekend iss...
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Awkward weekend issue 2 kids only 1 mine

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Hi gents,


Dont want to sound like evil dad but long storey short I was with my ex partner back in 2014 and took on her 3 year old boy as part of the relationship and we were together for 3 years going on to have our own son born quickly into relationship 2016.


Well we broke up and I agreed to have both boys every other weekend and its starting to get on top of me because I can't chill or enjoy time with my natural son and it even takes forever to do what I want with my son because his brother is so loud and difficult/very hard work and also seems rude if he don't get his own way


The more I think about just having my natural son on my weekend  the better I imagine my life will be,just a nightmare atm I can't leave the house or do what I want with my kid because "step kid" takes up so much space and always in the way,also worry as my son grows he may say "can my brother come" when I pick him up AWKWARD 



Topic starter Posted : 09/05/2021 11:46 am

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