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CSA tribunal advice, is it worth it ?

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I could do with a bit of advice.

Mother has stated to CSA that I earn 80k a year, this is entirely untrue. I honestly earn 30 k a year, and this is shown on my self assessed tax returns.

After two year of information going to the CSA this has now gone to tribunal. The tribunal has requested that I provide all bank statements personal and business for the previous 5 years. 

At this stage I would start needing to seek financial and legal advice. 

However I have been in the legal system now for the sixth year and it is just an ongoing machine that do not understand any form of justice and does not end.  

Mother does not follow the court order in place, so i do not see my daughters, i have no house or assets in this country as I am an E.U citizen. 

I guess what i am asking is: 

Is it better to stay in England and continue with the pain of not seeing my daughters, and attending the court system, the pain of both seemingly endless. 


Should I just return to the E.U and become a non resident 

since Brexit the CSA cannot enforce court orders, neither can the family court. I can then come and go from the U.K six months of the year. I won't have to attend any more courts and can walk up to my daughters without fear from legal authorities. 

Why stay in the U.K, fathers have no rights here ?

Topic starter Posted : 05/08/2021 12:34 pm

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