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Heads going insane

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Hello my minds going mad.

Basically I've got a child from a previous it was a one night stand ages ago mother was nuts back then said she was pregnant but didn't want it then booked appointment to not have it for me to turn up and its a midwife appointment she proceeded to wait outside my house for weeks before vanishing and I heard nothing from it. Next I heard she was really friendly with my family who I don't see and it proceeded like that for 7 years I didn't see the kid atall. Honestly as bad as I sound I didn't want to I have no material instincts to the child atall and she is a horrible horrible person and makes my anxiety sky high..

Anyway last year she contacted me saying she'd fallen out with my family ect ect would i like to see so him so I did mainly because it saves the hassle bad as it sounds I don't have any Intentions to be a father again my mental state isn't good enough for day to day.

Meet up with them he's OK doesn't seem bothered about me either then it sorta just fizzles out again both sides but she's civil with me found out she only contacted me due to her falling out with Mt family 


Anyway she has another kid and can now bid on property's she messages me saying hi would I vouch for her on local connection for a house which is litrally half mile from me in my town. I said no she said that's fine but now ino she's looking there'd a chance she will take a house in my village because she seems to think we're really good friends. 

My anxiety is sky high I moved away due to getting away from everything my family her everything so her coming here brings it all back.

Also there's only 1 school so her Kidwill be in the same school as mym kid and her other kid will be in my kids class like what the f**k do you do about that it'd a small village that you can't avoid eachother 

Basically I feel so beyond trapped and I don't nonwhat to do I want my own life and even living here before she's possibly movingbhere I felt trapped being so close 


Iam so mentally sad and unstable with it all I can't cope

Topic starter Posted : 08/04/2022 8:18 am
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I'm sorry you're having such a difficult time.  You say you've got a child at the school -are you living with the mother now?  You need to talk about it with your partner and discuss coping strategies.  Have you talked to your doctor about your mental health?  It really sounds as though you could do with some help and that would be a good place to start.

Posted : 09/04/2022 2:09 pm
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@champagne me and my partner live here and have for 7 years I have another child from a one night stand before we got together who's trying to move here with all the issues above. As bad as it makes me sound I don't feel anything for the kid I've seen him 3 times I never wanted him and the mother has been horrible from the start tried to screw me over constantly social services ect I only met the kid last year and on both parts neither of us are intrested the mums just loopy snd does anything to come near us. It's pushing up to try to move house again as I can't cope with her being here let alone her kid going the same school 

Topic starter Posted : 10/04/2022 6:00 pm

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