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Hello! i want to attend a FNF meeting tomorrow, has anyone ever attended and what was your experience?

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Hello to everyone who might take a second to read, i am currently at the end of one legal matter regarding my ex and now beginning a new one after finding out that she wants me to have no contact with my 3yo son.

After doing some research today i found out about FNF (families need fathers) which seems to be an organisation run to support all families on matters they might need help with, they also run local meetings around the country and ill be in the area of one taking place tomorrow and was going to pop in. 

Has anyone here been to one before? 

Topic starter Posted : 26/05/2023 8:32 pm
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Hi BigJak,

Sorry to hear you are going through the legal process again.

I went to a FNF back in 2019. I would have gone to more over the following years but Covid stopped that. I am glad to hear they are back up and running. If you didn't go I would recommend going. It was a good experience for me (as much as a group of devastated parents all meeting for support can be anyway 🙂 ). But seriously, it was run by people who were very knowledgable, the other parents were very nice and I felt less isolated after the meet. 


Good luck

Posted : 31/05/2023 10:54 pm

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