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Hello/Why I'm Here

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Hi Guys,

I'm a 31 year old dad with a happy healthy 10 month old boy living in North Jersey. Life is pretty good (good wife, job, home, etc.) and well rounded except for the lack of male friends in my life. I do pretty well being on my own most of the time, but not having anyone to talk or relate to on a regular basis is getting to me and I feel like it indirectly effects other aspects of my life. Let me just get it off my chest now, being this open about it is tough for me, especially with strangers, but I'm humble and aware enough to admit this is something that has really been effecting me for some time. 

I have two close guy friends from college but one works abroad and the other lives an hour away and is busy with 3 kids of his own. I'm the oldest of my siblings and none are anywhere close to having kids, no cousins with kids, etc. I try reaching out to other dads in my neighborhood but everyone always gives me the "busy" excuse. In general, it just gets frustrating when I'm always the one making the effort to hang out and it's not reciprocated. I'm pretty self-aware/analytical, I know its not all me. I'm very easy to get along with and actually am very successful at work because of it. It seems like everyone I try to talk to in my generation is so concerned with themselves/their families that they don't make time for anyone else.  

In general I just feel like being with fellow men/fathers my age is a missing part of my life. I talk to a therapist, tried a few different ones actually and it just wasn't a good fit for me. It/they basically made me feel like my problems weren't real problems and that I was wasting their time. I people to shoot the sh*t with, not tell me what I already know. 

What do I want out of this forum? To be able to share my experiences and seek advice when needed. To help and encourage others. To find some kind of local men's group. 

That's all for now. Just writing this out made me feel alot better actually =)

Topic starter Posted : 20/08/2021 5:05 pm
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Hi and welcome to the forum. hope your feeling better.

Posted : 20/08/2021 9:48 pm

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