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Hi everyone

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Ok so thought I’d introduce myself my names in my username 


I’m a fulltime single dad. My daughter’s 10 going on 21, she’s lived with me since 3.5. I went through the legal system and they sided with me for my daughter to live with me instead of her mum til she’s 18. 

My daughter’s mum is very much hard work. And if I can help it I try to avoid contact 😅 as everything’s an argument. 

My daughter sees her mum still and 3 of 4 half brothers that live with her mum . She is supposed to have contact every other weekend and half the holidays. But she only collects her on the holidays for the past few years. 

Joined because I feel as a fulltime dad there’s no one to turn too that is in the same boat as me and women just can’t understand, as men and women are very different. I just want an easy life and my daughter to have a happy childhood. 

Topic starter Posted : 25/06/2024 10:52 am
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Welcome to the forum. Hope your well.

Posted : 26/06/2024 10:21 am

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