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Just introducing myself, and advising I have a lot of wisom for split-household issues

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I'm a father of a son that's almost double-digits in age. He's my entire world, I couldn't imagine a life without him. I've been dealing with a toxic co-parent (unmarried) his entire life and even prior to that, and have lots of wisdom to share regarding this if you're in the same boat. I also plan on uploading a 22 min video explaining my latest saga in the never-ending battle for what's best for my son in hopes that it resonates with some of you. I know that people are going through the same thing I am and don't have the proper channel to express their feelings, ask questions, etc. so that's what I'm hoping to accomplish here. Feel free to ask me any/all questions pertaining this, and keep an eye out for my video I'll be posting shortly (YouTube says it's going to take approx. 2 more hours to upload and I'll most likely be asleep by then, but will check this forum in the morning to see if there is interest in a real Dad speaking about the real struggles with a toxic co-parent, as relevant as even this month.


I've been through it all; CPS investigations, countless court hearings, false allegations, you name it, money-grabs, you name it. It'll be tough to throw something at me that I don't have experience with as I was dealt the worst hand possible with a co-parent.


Thanks for having me, and I hope to help and connect Dads in  similar situations, and also talk about other issues they're going through. I want this thread to be an open line of communication with no judgement so if you have something to say, just know it's safe to talk about it here and I will absolutely not judge any part of it, as I hope the community follows suit as well.

Take care, and talk soon!

Topic starter Posted : 25/03/2024 11:02 am
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  I’m new to writing in an online setting however, I’m not new to the problems you have faced. 

I am actually looking for support and advice on handling certain situations as I have found out the hard way that there seems to be little to no support or good quality advice for fathers who have been sent through the meat-grinder of family separation and the biased system against dads - even when they were not at fault!

I have been through a situation not so different than yourself. 
Gone through solicitors happy to take the money and paid for my ex-partner to attend mediation, only for them to take sides - this really stung me and was an eye opener as to how bias the system and people in it are!

All whilst being denied seeing my children. 

I have put up with the slander, defamation, lies, false allegations and bullying phone calls and texts at work and the middle of the night in the past, which settled down for a couple of years only until recently, 

the bullying, narcissistic mind games are starting again and are beginning to grate. And it’s only got worse recently as I have tried to rebuild my life with my kids and take an active interest in their schooling.


Is there any advice on handling this? Keeping cool, level headed and being polite has only got me so far but now I feel that I am being walked all over and the kids are being used as emotional leverage against me.


kind regards 


Posted : 09/04/2024 9:54 am
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@billstillstanding24 hi, I suggest if you take a look at this method called grey rock. should be of help:



Posted : 10/04/2024 5:52 pm

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