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Phone calls

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While waiting for the next court hearing, CAFCASS and the courts recommended that I write letters to my child, which I have been doing and he replied. This week contact changed to phone calls once a week. I phoned him last night, he did not answer, so I text him as court ordered. He replied telling me he didn’t want to speak to me on the phone and said he had sent me a letter. I don’t know if this is his decision or his mothers. CAFCASS are doing section 7, they should have contacted me last week, but I’ve heard nothing yet, plan on contacting them tomorrow. Anyone been through anything similar? Thanks

Topic starter Posted : 04/07/2024 7:41 am
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If Cafcass missed the appointment, suggest you email/phone them to chase up.

Posted : 04/07/2024 8:53 am
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It sounds like a tough situation you're going through. Waiting on CAFCASS and court proceedings can be stressful. It's understandable to feel uncertain about the communication with your child, especially when it changes suddenly like this. Contacting CAFCASS to get clarity and support sounds like a good step.

Posted : 05/07/2024 4:52 am
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Hi, you'd mentioned that you don't know whether the request to keep letter writing is coming from your ex or your child. It must be really hard to have to communicate in such a limited and prescriptive way, but since you can't tell, think of it as being your child's wish at this stage - it's really strange for him too, to not be able to see and chat with you so much. Children can find it hard to know what to say even with close family. Go with his flow and make the most of the opportunities you currently have, without putting on any extra pressure. He will really appreciate knowing that you are still there for him.

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Posted : 10/07/2024 11:57 am

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