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Young Dad

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Hi all! My wife is about to give birth and I decided that I want to build a house for our family. But I don’t have money for a construction company that will do everything for me. I want to do some of the repairs myself if possible. Are there any tips on this?

Topic starter Posted : 03/06/2023 10:20 pm
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Since you mentioned repairs, I assume this is a renovation project rather than building from scratch?

I renovated a house myself while working full time and looking after a new born - it was pretty tough and took me four years, but very rewarding in the end. It definitely helps to get family involved if they are willing to chip in with the work/childcare.

Are you looking for any specific info on how to do certain types of repairs? 


Posted : 08/06/2023 4:11 pm
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Hello Young Dad,

firstly congratulations on becoming a parent to be - I wish you and your wife all the best.

Myself and my partner bought an old house and we had to renovate it from scratch. My partner is excellent at those kinds of things. I would recommend after it taking us years and years to do, that you begin with one room at a time. If you need to do heating, windows etc, do those first and then decorate. It really is all in the preparation and planning.

Being a new parent you will need time with your family. Don’t rush the house, don’t feel bad if you stop and have breaks - your wife and baby are more important.

We have now lived in our home for 24 years and we love it. It was a real labour of love, but we did it eventually. Plan a budget and try to stick to it as much as you can. The internet is a great source of inspiration and has DIY tips (which we didn’t have as much in the early 2000,s ! ) 

Perhaps as a starter: babies room, living room, bathroom and your bedroom and then kitchen. But really time with your new family is the most important and valuable thing.

wishing you all the best,

Fegans Parent Support.

Posted : 08/06/2023 5:13 pm
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Hello @AlexWolf!  Many congratulations to you and your wife on becoming parents.  I will leave others to advise you on the home development projects, but I will simply encourage you to enjoy the very precious first few weeks and months of parenting.  It can be wonderful, joyful and exciting, but also quite challenging and enjoy getting to know and bonding with your new child, as a priority.  Be kind to yourself, look after each other, and don't overstretch too much with house renovations at the same time!

Wishing you much happiness as a family

Parent Support Volunteer

Posted : 08/06/2023 5:18 pm

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