The world has changed since you were young and some of the challenges your children will face are very different - how do you handle mobile bullying, Internet safety, and the influence of media on young people? Our kids are having to face challenging issues in their everyday life at much younger age then we used to.  Issues such as drug and alcohol misuse, violence, sexual identity, sexting, cyber bullying and eating disorders can be common place not only within teenage culture but increasingly in even younger age groups. So as Dads are we aware of these changes and the risks our kids are facing?  This Kids section gives you the information you need so that you can guide them through these challenges and help them to get into the habit of making good choices in life from an early age.

Baby Through to Teenagers

Covering common subjects and problems that all parents face, we have help and advice for babies, such as how dads affect newborns, feeding information, and more. Information that can impact your children such as bullying at school, and help and advice dealing with teenage kids, such as teenage sexuality, teenage pregnancy and talking to teenagers.