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Any people on this forum suspect or have had experienced an entrapment pregnancy that's happened to them.

This seems very much my situation:

Trap Red Flag #2. You’ve made it clear you don’t want kids now.

If you told her you don’t want kids now—the pregnancy might be a trap.

She may not care what your thoughts/feelings are about fatherhood, or she may have convinced herself that you’re going to be OK with having a child if it is flung on you, you’re just apprehensive about committing. So she decides to take the decision away from you and make it happen. She then says it was an accident, but it was actually the result of a well-conceived plan (figuratively and literally).

This trap may be direct or indirect.

A direct trap would be that the pregnancy is intended to secure your relationship or financial support.

An indirect trap would be that the primary objective is motherhood, you’re being trapped into fatherhood may be extraneous to that objective. You’re seed is necessary for her motherhood but beyond that you may or may not be relevant to her.
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