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New Dad Kit List


If you are expecting a new baby then congratulations! But did you know that in the first month of life a baby can cost you as much as £500 in new essentials! has been there. We have wasted enough of our own money and have some recommendations to help you save your wallets! Most importantly before you spend any money, beg and borrow old baby stuff from friends and family. Your baby won’t mind and your bank balance will benefit. Read on for the list of essentials we think you can’t get away without:

Getting Out With Baby:


Sling or Pram or both? A Pram is going to be one of your biggest expenses. A high-end travel system can cost around £1000. So consider a second-hand option if you can. After all you only NEED the flat carrycot for six months and then most children are ready for a pushchair. A sling, could also be on your list. If you have never tried one get yourself to your local sling library, find one on Facebook. You can normally try before you buy.

Confused About Buying a Car Seat?


New research conducted by, suggests that one in eight (12%) parents find picking the right car seat for their child’s weight & age confusing. Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at, says:

“Parents are fundamentally confused about child car seats, firstly because of the number of rules and regulations and secondly because of the amount of choice.”

If you are about to buy a car seat take a look at the calculator. 


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New Babies Sleep a Lot: about 17-18 hours per day


Try a side-by-side crib. These clip to the side of your bed meaning you can maximise your sleep between night-time wakeups. You will also find a Moses Basket and Stand useful for daytime naps. If you borrow these from a friend then remember you will need to buy new mattresses! Also stock up on sheets, cellular blanket and Grobags – little sleeping bags which come in different togs for summer or winter.

Buy a room thermometer. Baby’s bedroom should be kept between 20 – 22 degrees celsius.

New Babies Need a Lot of Nappy Changes (up to 12 per day!)


Reusable or disposable? For some great advice about trying reusable go to Stock up with nappies, nappy cream and get some perfume free wipes. You are also going to need a change mat. Ideally a change table (so you don’t get backache. Although we have got through two babies just changing them on the floor! Any bin with a lid, for dirty nappies. You may well be tempted to buy a beautiful change bag. In our opinion they are expensive and don’t have any advantages over a rucksack. Just pop in a travel change mat and you are good to go. 

If Your Partner is Planning to Breastfeed she will Need Your Help

Buy her a feeding pillow. Stock up on some nipple cream (Lanolin based or coconut based). Think about buying some sort of expressing kit. (maybe something like a Naturebond). If you are going to store milk you will also need a steriliser and bottles. Also buy lots of Muslins! Spitting up is your new normal. 

Baby Bathtime

Bathing baby for the first time is terrifying. Make your life easy and buy a little bath tub. Or if that doesn’t work for you jump in the bath with your baby and wash together. Remember just water is enough for babies to start with and 37 degrees celsius is hot enough. Buy some towels with hoods because they are adorable.

First Aid


 You can’t give your baby paracetamol or ibuprofen for a temperature until they are older but a digital thermometer gives you confidence and if you need to call 111 for your baby they will ask how hot they are. An underarm one is good enough.


Don’t buy any clothes until you’ve asked around. You will be given a massive stash by friends and family. Also don’t bother with tiny baby stuff until you’ve given birth as you might have a big baby! Babies only NEED Vests, Babygros, a warm outdoor all-in-one (not waterproof, you are never going to let your baby get wet in the rain!), hats and socks. Everything else is barely going to get used in the first 3 months. Save your money.

Let’s Play!

Babies are easily entertained. A Baby Bouncer is useful so you can put baby down to go to the loo! Most babies hate the vibrating ones, so save your money and just buy one with a washable or wipeable cover. Try a Baby gym (ie arch with toys dangling off it) that they can lie on and some Baby books (bookstart charity give you free books).

What Not To Buy (in our opinion)!

A posh video baby monitor – you will hear them cry unless you live in a mansion Bath thermometer – you can tell whether it is too hot.

Baby alarm for under the mattress

Top and tail bath

High-tech nappy bins

Baby products for the skin (water is enough to start with)

Bottles if you’re breastfeeding

Toys (until they are older)


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