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Dads – top ten ideas for Mother’s Day



Jonathan Hamblin has compiled his top tips to enable you to make the mum in your life’s dozing dream a reality. He doesn’t mean for you to cram them all into one morning but pick a few to make mum’s day a restful happy treat…


One. The gift of a lie-in and some rest

Here are some ideas if you’re struggling with what to let the kids give their mother this Mother’s Day. Presents and flowers are lovely but sometimes the greatest gift for mums is a lie-in and a bit of time off ‘Mummy duties’.

Jonathan Hamblin has compiled his top tips to enable you to make the mum in your life’s dozing dream a reality. He doesn’t mean for you to cram them all into one morning but pick a few to make mum’s day a restful happy treat.

Two. Take control!

As soon as you hear the kids are up and about, you need to be ready to move.The secret to giving your partner a good lie-in is not necessarily being quiet (though that helps) – it’s making her feel like everything is under control and that she doesn’t have to step in.

Three. Dragon’s den

Keeping the kids occupied is all about doing activities together and making a den is a great way to start. There are a million ways to make a den – from chucking a bedsheet over a couple of chairs to something more elaborate involving pegs and flaps, drawbridges and knobs. Let the kids decide and be the architect of their fun – you’re just the bricklayer.

Four. Board, not bored

Now you’re all huddled in your bed-sheet castle, it’s time to have some fun. Simple board games and puzzles can be a really absorbing way to spend some time. Your aim is to be supportive and positive throughout, not to rub it in their faces when you win (or sulk if you lose)!

Five. Toy stories

Books are not just for bedtime y’know. Reading stories can be much more fun in the morning when the kids are alert.

Or you can grab a bunch of toys and make something up. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a work of Shakespearean drama – just have some fun and be silly. Oh, and make sure you give all the characters different voices.

Six. Chore leaders

Kids love doing grown-up things so give them the opportunity to get involved with some of your chores. Whether it’s tidying up or letting them pair up socks and ‘fold’ t-shirts while you sort out the clean washing.

You don’t need to be Mary Poppins to find ways to make helping fun. Don’t get carried away and start stuffing them up chimneys though!

Seven. Walk hard

Bundling the kids out the house can be a great way to let mum have some time alone.  Why not head out to the park or the woods?

 It might be fun to take some pictures to show mum when you get home or pick up some leaves or flowers to use in a picture when you get home.

Eight. Supermarket sweep

The supermarket can be a good place to keep kids occupied – and it sorts out a meal too. Let them find food, count tins or if they are younger give them ‘important’ items to find and look after for you. You can use this trip out as an ideal chance to buy ingredients for a breakfast in bed for mum (or a nice easy lunch).

Nine. Making bacon

Mum is sure to love breakfast in bed. Make something like scrambled eggs on toast, or simply put croissants or a toasted bagel on a plate with a steaming mug of tea and a glass of cold juice. A flower in a vase on the tray will make her feel really special.

Get the kids involved in making up a breakfast tray as a special treat.


Ten. Tidying up!

Finally – whatever you’ve done, make sure you tidy up. Mum’s not going to appreciate a lie-in if the house looks like a dad-bomb’s hit it when she gets up. Put away everything you’ve used and clean the kids up before she gets up. That way she’ll be genuinely pleased and relaxed all day.


And remember – lie-ins are for life and not just for Mother’s Day. Try to give her a break more than once a year, eh lads?

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Updated: Oct 2017

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