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“… I’m competing for my children’s attention with Instagram… and losing – as such Instagram Controls My Life! Should parenting be this hard?”


As with all parents, I have my challenges which, in addition to the exceptional personal challenges for their mum suffering a permanent brain injury in 2010 and having constant reminders twice-a-week, includes the battle for their hearts and minds…

As it turned out, 2010 became a defining time in my journey. Not only did I find that suddenly it was all on me (literally) both financially and emotionally, but I realised that my children, far from being vulnerable and broken, became my rock – is the very thing I thought I had to be for them.  I mean, we spend our lives protecting and wrapping our children in cotton wool, and it’s only when the ground is rocked, that you see what your children’s true metal is. And they continue to surprise me every day.

So regardless of how pointed their comments and challenges to authority can be as they grow up in order to flex their dominance, I know I have the ‘Heart’ element covered, however, the battle for their minds is getting ever more difficult to manage.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change my children for the world (six-nations tickets perhaps) but I can well do without their permanent fixation with ‘instant’ indirect communication as if it’s the only method of communication that exists.  So, as a form of self-therapy, I decided to blog about it.


About the author

Nigel Bywater is a YouTube Dad Vlogger who offers insight into the challenges of being a dad, along with reactions, reviews and challenging family times. He publishes new videos every Tuesday and Friday, so why not show Nigel your support by subscribing to his weekly YouTube vlogs.  

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