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Safety on the slopes

Even the gentlest of hills can lead to some nasty bumps and grazes when sledging, so help keep your kids safe – and warm – with these nifty bits of kit…


Micro Helmets

Whether sledging, cycling or skateboarding, wearing a helmet is a no-brainer, but it can still be a battle trying to get your kids to actually put one on. Luckily, these funky numbers will do a lot of the persuading for you. First up (and probably the number-one requisite for style-savvy kids), these ‘brain buckets’ look cool – from polka dots to pirate skulls, and in a whole range of colours Dulux would be proud of – there’s a helmet for even the fussiest of fashionable nippers. Next, they’re comfy, thanks to a flexible adjustment wheel that ensures a snug fit, while the extra padding provides another layer of protection. Finally, the air vents (all 11 of them) will stop bonces from over-heating while zipping from slopes to skate ramps. Job done.
Micro Helmets (head sizes small: 48-52cm / medium 53-58cm): from £24.95.


Children’s Thermosack 

Brilliant idea this. If you’ve been faced with a blue-lipped, shivering kid who swears they’re ‘roasting’ and can play on the snow forever, the Children’s Thermosack will help fend off frost bite. Designed for use with sledges and toboggans, it will provide a good dose of thermal protection against sub-zero temperatures – especially important for little ’uns playing on the slopes. The Thermosack may not be compatible with all sledges, so check with the maker before you buy.
Children’s Thermosack for Sledges and Toboggans (ages 3+): £13.49.


Micro Knee and Elbow Pads

Remember the ol’ days before protective pads, when your knees and elbows would be so covered in scabs, you’d always have at least one to pick at. Disgusting, wasn’t it? So make sure your kids don’t fall into the same gross habit with these Micro Knee and Elbow Pads. Tough, hard-shelled moulded plastic will help protect bony bits from bumps and grazes, while adjustable Velcro straps on the inside and out will ensure a good fit. If the bright pink isn’t exactly what your teen lad is after, don’t worry, they come in cool blue, too.
Micro Knee and Elbow Pads (ages 3+): £11.50.


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