What are your family's new year's resolutions?

Christmas is over for another year, 2018 is on the horizon and we’re in that strange nether period in which we simultaneously relax and feel awkward about doing so...

A great way of getting over this guilt is to use the time to think ahead to the new year and how we’re going to improve.

I haven’t thought about my individual resolutions yet and they’ll probably be the same beneficial but nonetheless predictable ones everybody comes up with.

Instead, I’ve been contemplating how we can improve as a family unit. I don’t think we do badly, but there’s always room for improvement. Here, then, are the changes I’m hoping to make.

Be more adventurous

We’re definitely guilty of sticking in our collective comfort zone. This can be explained in part by the routines of small children but our youngest is now two and a lot more amenable to change.

I’m therefore hoping to visit new places as a family. Getting more fresh air, seeing more sights and making more memories.

Reduce screen time

Having mentioned unimaginative resolutions, I think this will be a common one but it’s so important. We’re all screen zombies at times and I include the kids in that.

Both of my sons have tablets and my daughter, while a little too young at the moment, is starting to take an interest. We’re therefore going to set limits and stick to them. Wish me luck!

Eat together more

We don’t sit down to eat together as much as we should and this is a great shame. While we always have breakfast together, I don’t think this counts as it’s always rushed with next to no time to chat.

That leaves Sunday lunch as things stand, so my wife and I will aim to eat earlier once or twice a week so we can enjoy some quality family time with the kids.


We’re a family of five in a house that seems to be shrinking! We can’t move until I’ve been self-employed for three years and, while that’s only six months away, we need to make more of the space in the meantime.

Being a parent is synonymous with accumulating large amounts of stuff you only need for a short while. I’m therefore more excited than most would be at the prospect of the eBay/charity shop/bin process in January.

Take more pictures

This may sound ridiculous coming from a professional parent blogger, but we don’t take enough photos of the children!

It’s important to have pictures – whether printed or digital – to look back on so both my wife and I have resolved to take more in 2018 and beyond.

What are your new year’s resolutions for your family?

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