From the age of about four through to 15+ your children will be at school. Being able to support them through this time is one of the roles of being a 'Dad'. Many men feel sidelined in the whole school thing - how many fathers do you ever see picking children up from school? You may not be able to do this if you are at work - but there are other ways you can support your kids.

From Pre-School to College

School is where children learn how to socialise and how to get through life without 'Dad' or 'Mum' constantly by their side. They need to be helped through this experience along with all the academic stuff. There are alot of things that a child can experience at school from Peer pressure and bullying are just as big an issue as they were when you were at school; your children need your support to deal with such problems. Articles will encourage you to get more involved in your children's schooling and help you to support your children to success as they face the challenges of school-life. 

A view of the interesting topics that our parents find interesting and can impact school children, as well as college aged teenanger include:

Understanding Ofsted

Truancy Protocol

First Day at School Tips

Childcare Options