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Ex partner stopped contact

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Hi I’m new to this and seeking as much advice as possible please. 

my ex partner and I have been split for 6 years, I have been with my current partner for 5 years. 

for the past 5 years mine and current partners relationship with my children has been great. The children would stay with us every other weekend and twice a week. They also have a step sibling here along with my partners 2 children, all children have a very close bond. 

recentley ex partner told me that social services are involved with her and my 2 children. I am not sure of the reason why as you can’t get a straight answer from her. But she has now stopped me from having contact with the children and bringing them to my home with my current partner and siblings. 

She has also said that myself and current partner are being investigated (why I do not know) and that she is not allowed to send the kids with me. - I need to know if this is even a thing? Could it be true? As I am struggling to believe it, because nothing has happened she has just gone on the turn again. 

I am concerned about my children and how they are feeling, how I know they will be missing all they have been used to for their little lives, please send some advice. 

Topic starter Posted : 16/08/2022 11:22 am
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I would suggest first to contact social services and ask if there's any concerns or if your being investigated, and are the kids allowed to spend time with you.

Posted : 16/08/2022 1:08 pm
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If you're being investigated by social services then they will contact you.  If they don't then perhaps its not true.  You could try one more contact with your ex and explain that if the children don't come then you'll have no alternative but to apply to the courts for an order.  Its reasonably easy to do and you can do it yourself on a form C100.  Don't keep contacting her or she'll make a harassment claim against you.  Unfortunately going through the courts takes a long time so if you can settle this between you it will be much better.

Posted : 19/08/2022 10:12 am
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Content with her with help of the solicitor. 

Posted : 19/09/2022 8:16 am

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