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Final contested hearing

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What happens? Should I be emailing evidence to submit? 

Topic starter Posted : 20/05/2021 11:07 am
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I would send in a position statement and take copies with you. I don't think they will accept any evidence but you can state in your statement any allegations are denied and you can provide evidence on request.  


Did you have any sort of fact finding hearing previous to this and are you being represented? the main focus are the children (child) all you want is to have regular contact with them and that is all that matters. 

Posted : 20/05/2021 1:44 pm
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hi, for your final hearing, is court asking you to submit any statement? check court papers.

Posted : 20/05/2021 9:33 pm
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It all depends on what cafcass are recommending what you decide to do next. 

Posted : 20/05/2021 10:40 pm
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The second hearing was super quick, they didn't go with some of Cafcass's recommendations as they agreed with my arguments against them, neither of us signed the drafted order so they have said a contested hearing will be set out? It is very evident child is being told not to like me again now as well.

Topic starter Posted : 21/05/2021 8:25 am
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Posted by: @justlookingforjustice

What happens? Should I be emailing evidence to submit? 

Yes prepare a statement, a letter if you please, summarise the facts again and update the court on the position and make it clear what you are asking for ...then send to the court / copy the other side , good luck!

Posted : 25/05/2021 6:59 pm

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