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Final Order/Holidays Abroad/Help.

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In a couple of months, we should have the last hearing, with the summer holidays coming up, not that we can do much about abroad holidays at the moment but I was looking for the future and I came across an article which said if a court order is ordered and mother is resident she no longer has to ask permission unless stated, have people got any advice on approaching this in court? If I have to ask for permission every time she is never going to let me take my son away! Is there anything else I should be aware mother automatically gets when a court order is ordered?

Topic starter Posted : 15/06/2021 8:09 am
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Neither parent require permission once a court order is in place. However its usually the issue of passports that results in the permission element if the court order does not cover this. With Mother's using this as a way to be difficult. 

Usually fathers will build into the order to state when passports will be made available prior to their scheduled time with child. Eg if you have agreed in the order that you will have child for week in the summer then you should arrange for the order to have something like 'mother/resident parent will make available and provide child's passport 3 days prior'.. From a courtesy point of view ideally you would have given notice re requirement to need passport and also provided details of where you are going, dates/times etc.. (although this should work both ways often it doesn't and can cause a breakdown in comms)..


I'm sure others will respond more clearly and on the wider point re resident parents rights etc.. 

Posted : 15/06/2021 8:57 am
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When I first went to court, I was worried about travelling abroad with kids. Court gave permission for me to travel abroad with kids, and both parents are to co-operate with passport issues. I would recommend you have these travel arrangements covered in your order.

if there's a court order in place, the resident parent can take a child abroad for up to 28 days without other parents permission.

Posted : 15/06/2021 11:39 am

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