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Long term sick help with maintenance

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Due to a life changing injury I’ve had to stop working. I am on universal credit and in process of claiming advanced universal credit and pip.

im divorced with two dependents living with their mother, I did pay maintenance but can I claim extra monies to help to continue support and pay maintenance to my ex wife for my children 

Topic starter Posted : 15/05/2024 5:46 pm
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If you mean you want to claim extra benefits money to support children and their mother, then its not possible.

If mother receives UC, she would be getting extra, childcare element, and I take it she receives child benefit. The primary carer of children receives additional support.

If you have any savings, pension money etc, you could voluntarily pay her as private arrangement.

Posted : 15/05/2024 8:37 pm
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you might be eligible for additional financial support to help continue supporting your children. Here are a few steps you can take 

 You can inform them about your dependents and maintenance payments to see if you qualify for additional support.  You can explain your situation to them, and they might adjust the payments based on your current finances and you can reach out to a local advisor or charity specializing in benefits to ensure you are receiving all possible support.



Posted : 16/05/2024 10:21 am
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In your situation, you may be eligible for certain benefits to help with the financial support of your children, especially if you have limited income due to your injury. Since you're already receiving Universal Credit and in the process of claiming PIP (Personal Independence Payment), it's worth exploring whether you can receive additional support for your dependents. You may qualify for Child Benefit, which is a tax-free payment to help with the costs of raising children. Additionally, if you were paying maintenance for your children before your injury, you could discuss with your ex-wife the possibility of adjusting the maintenance arrangement based on your changed circumstances.

Posted : 22/05/2024 5:33 am

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