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Single dad urgently needs some advice

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Hello all.

I’ve recently one week before Christmas had my children placed in my care due to their mother not being able to care for them correctly, 
the social services have made this Decision, my problem is I live 50 miles away from the kids schools so I’m looking to move back to that area so they can resume schooling and not have to move schools ect,

I have a full time job and I’m single I’m not sure I can manage it all! I have no idea about benefits? Or what I’m entitled to ? I’m very overwhelmed with it all and looking for any advice that can be giving ? 

With it being Christmas I haven’t been able to make contact with social services they are not back in work until tomorrow, I’m so worried I don’t know what to do ? 

Topic starter Posted : 27/12/2022 1:02 pm
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You can try this site that checks  what benefits you can claim:

If your earnings does not exceed £50,000 a year you can claim child benefit. Info

If relocating will be difficult, you could change kids schools. How old are they?

Posted : 27/12/2022 1:46 pm
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Hi Danny1702,

Sorry to hear about your bug change in circumstances. I hope that you and your children have had a good Christmas as much as you can.

I would just like to pick up on your feelings of being overwhelmed - perfectly understandable and normal. It may help to make lists of achievable goals for each day of people/ organisations you need to contact to sort things out regarding benefits etc. Also keeping a notebook by your bed may help with your sleep incase you are thinking about what needs doing.

Make sure you keep talking with someone you can trust about how you are feeling, sometimes a different perspective can help.

wishing you all the best,

Fegans Parent support 

Posted : 29/12/2022 1:13 pm
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That's a very sad situation at this time of the year.  You can try to make an appointment to se Citizens Advice.  They have info about all benefits at their fingertips.  The other source for info is the local council. You may be entitled to housing benefit.  There is also help available for child care depending on the children's ages.  Child minders can be found on the County Council website.  Good luck - I hope you get into a routine and find all the help you need.

Posted : 29/12/2022 6:22 pm
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  • Thank you all so much for your advice, the kids have had a great Christmas and are happy considering the circumstances, I will follow your recommendations and see where it takes me ? Feel like I’m drowning atm 😞
Topic starter Posted : 29/12/2022 6:33 pm
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