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[Solved] Walking away

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All of your stories really do sound like my experience 

I have a 9 year old girl me and mum broke up at 3months 

Was absolute hell throughout causing problems whenever she could reporting me and my partner getting her partner to kick off everything even my family took her side.

4 years later she even tried to get our child taken off us and then stopped me seeing her  2 years later I got her back every other weekend then the shit started again controlling my daughter would go back saying stuff about me then I'd get messages it never ended my daughter craved her mums attention so much she would stir things she basically wanted us to be ruined I have major anxiety and I'm really bad with my partner and showing emotion due to being screwed over I have recently decided to stop it and do phobecalls and messages my ex didn't even care just said OK she played her game perfect restricting my daughter at a young age then when she's older turning her on me

I'm really trying to work on myself now and sort my head out.

Alot more has happend then what I said but would take ages to write on here.


My ex also stopped her boyfriend seeing his kid 5 years ago 

Posted : 16/03/2021 4:41 pm
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