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Weekend activities

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Hi guys,

I really don't want to sound selfish or bad or anything not sure if anybody has had to overcome this but my ex has recently got my 5 year old son into football training every Sunday which is good for him of course but I do every other weekend Friday till Sunday 5pm and when my ex said he needs to go every Sunday 11am I said yes as I was already im a good jolly mood and didn't think twice


However it clicked about a day later that it would mean every single Sunday I have my son I must drive to and from my home to near where he lives for football(40 mins each way x4)football would finish at 1pm then I would drive home then drive all the way back again to drop him off(5pm) then drive back home again.

How do I get over this seems alot of driving on drop off day shame he can't play for 2 teams ,1 near me lol

Topic starter Posted : 12/05/2021 7:11 pm
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I'd be annoyed if activities were chosen and my child was enrolled without me having some time to think and agree.

Have you tried speaking to the ex, maybe asking if it is possible that you find a club in the middle or if this would be upsetting to your son to leave a club, how about you drop him to the club and she returns him to you at 1pm? 

Posted : 13/05/2021 10:22 am
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Is there anything there you can do with him in the area between 1pm and 5pm, for example take him swimming and then a snack? That way you're already over there to drop him off, and you haven't done any extra mileage.

Posted : 15/05/2021 2:15 pm

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