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I dont recognise the behaviour of my wife

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Since my wife left in June she has accused me of some horrible things which are untrue. My neighbours, who have volunteered to support us both through a difficult time, have said that her behaviour is disgusting (she is rude, aggressive and argumentative with them).

The woman I fell in love with was so caring and loving. I just don't know why she is behaving thus way.

Im so lost and upset.

Topic starter Posted : 10/07/2022 10:44 pm
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It might be worth getting counselling to give you the means to deal with this - you can't control her behaviour, but you can control how you react to it.

Posted : 12/07/2022 9:04 pm
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Maybe she was not who you thought she was....or maybe something has happened to change her?

Posted : 09/08/2022 12:33 pm

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