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What's cool for 6-7 year olds?

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Hi All

I've a great little 7-year-old man, who has faced many challenges in his life, from several open-heart surgery's to being diagnosed with Autism. He's liked in general by his peers, though find it difficult to make connections.

I appreciate some advice on what 7-year-olds are into, so that we can equip him with the tools to have conversations, maybe make some meaningful bonds, etc.

We have recently realised that football is a thing most of his friends play and enjoy, I've tried to get him interested myself, but he's not really taken to it, but has said the last week he'd like to understand better so that he can be involved with his friends playing. So that's one thing we can work on.

What computer games are 6-7 year old boys into, TV shows etc. that information would be great to understand? 


Topic starter Posted : 04/04/2022 11:12 am
Honorable Member

It sounds as though you have a lovely son.  I'm not sure whats cool, but there are several websites which give info about development of 6/7 year olds and suggest swimming and rock climbing apart from football. Have you thought about cubs or similar to enable him to widen his network of friends?

Posted : 04/04/2022 2:05 pm
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He will probably be interested in minecraft, Roblox, fifa football on playstation/xbox. Theres a cool jurrassic park series for kids. On itv hub: jurrassic world: camp cretaceous.

Posted : 04/04/2022 4:08 pm
Eminent Member Registered

Football, Roblox, Minecraft, FIfa, also YT videos on these subjects seem to be a big thing too.

Posted : 03/08/2022 3:55 pm

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