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adjusting CM

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i been paying CM at the full price, we used the CM calculator to work out how much i pay, without using the CM service.  i pay directly to the ex via bank transfer.

im now due to be getting overnight stays, so the price needs to be adjusted. the CM calculator does not work out holiday stays etc.  so how do i work out correctly what i owe.  Should i log a call with CM maintenance, i know that it can take them weeks to work out what i owe.  but in meantime how do i adjust payments?

Topic starter Posted : 23/07/2021 11:59 am
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I think it will only starts to reduce if you have them 52 nights a year? If you know what holidays you will have them then you can include these too in the calculator 

Posted : 23/07/2021 1:07 pm
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CMS calculator does ask yo how many nights children stay with you on average. would advise to stick to calculator and avoid going through CMS.

Posted : 23/07/2021 3:36 pm

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