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Gutted, two more years to pay

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My son (now 18) left education after completing a 12-month college course, which he hated, and failed. He went on to get a job which he has now quit and plans to return to college this Sept to undertake the next level (A-Level equivalent) of the course he originally took.

I'm certain that he has been manipulated into returning to education so that my ex continues to receive child maintenance. He has zero appetite or motivation for this course. He isn't suited to academic life, and has repeatedly failed in this area.

My preference is that he gets a job and builds his skills and experience in the real world. Perhaps returning to education when he's more mature.

We live some distance apart and I have no productive communication with my ex. I have a reasonable relationship with my son, but he's difficult to get hold of so communication is limited (typical teen). I am excluded from decision making, and have no influence or ability to guide my son, beyond occasional calls, and infrequent visits.

I have a private agreement with my ex for my financial contribution, which would have ended shortly. It was my intention to continue to support my son by paying him a reduced amount directly. On the understanding that he got a part time job outside of college (which is called full time, but in fact will equate to 3 days a week). My ex isn't happy hence my belief that she's encouraged my son to return to education. She now plans to go to the CMS (which would only get her an extra £80).

I'm devestated that I now face a further two years of payments that I hadn't accounted for. And highly suspect that my son will again fail his course.

Is there anything I can do?

Topic starter Posted : 22/07/2021 1:21 pm
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I'm afraid that if it's been done via CMS, there isn't a great deal you can do - if he's back in education, then yuo pay until that ends or his 20th birthday, whichever comes first

Posted : 23/07/2021 4:30 pm

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