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Child maintenance being increased. Advice needed.

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I currently pay £286 child Maintenace to my sons mother and have my son stay with me for 104 nights a year. Mother has totally turned my son against me and he doesn’t not want to see or stay with me anymore. 

Mother has contacted child Maintenace and told them that my son does not stay with me. I sent them copy of my court order but they said mother has provided evidence that my son does not stay with me. 

My payments are likely to increase to £440. I have 2 other children from another ex partner who I pay money to but not officially via child Maintenace. She’s found out that my payments will increase to my sons mother and is telling me to tell child Maintenace so that all the children get equal amount. I see my kids from my second ex partner pretty much when ever I want ie after work and weekends. There are no restrictions but they don’t stay with me. 

how do I go about telling cmo about this? I went online and there were asking how much I pay a month and when I started. I don’t have a set amount I pay and there is no routine. 

any help appreciated. 

Topic starter Posted : 01/07/2022 11:21 pm
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you could log into your self-service account. in the main menu area theres options for reporting changes. there is also option to send a message. can try that. you can give them good estimates of much you have been paying on average weekly/monthly basis to other ex.

as for your child thats been turned against you, how old is? and when was last time he stayed with you? you could go back to court to sort this out.

Posted : 02/07/2022 8:10 am

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