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Child Maintenance Query

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Hi ,


I'm a new bee here .

I want to ask about child maintenance. its very stressing that despite being on high salary and more than 15k debts still i am paying £550 per month for my child which is too much and its same amount as i pay my room rent.

Even i can't see my child from last 2.5 years the child contact order is in place and because of carona its delayed.

Without seeing him i'm paying that much money from last 4 years which is unreasonable.

She is remarried and have another child.

Is there any way it can be reduce. is it my problem that I have a good job.

Is this is the way Father treated like this in this country ?

I want information please.


A frustrated father

Topic starter Posted : 23/01/2022 2:36 pm
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If you are paying through child maintenance service, then the more money you earn, the more you will pay in maintenance. So if you get pay rise, bonus or do overtime, then you will have to pay more. Do you have any other children living with you? If so your payments will be reduced a bit. 

Are you paying any arrears? If so, child maintenance should be able to let you spread the repayment over 2 years, to make it more affordable.

Your debts, are you paying off anything that belongs to your ex, a car or house? If so, you can ask CMS to make a special expenses claim for that, which would reduce your payments? You could also pay more money into a pension if you have one, and that reduces maintenance.

Posted : 23/01/2022 5:25 pm
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Thanks for the reply.

No i don't have kids i didn't remarried I know if i have more kids then payment reduce.

No i'm not paying any arrears they calculate according to my salary which is high.

No I am not paying debts belongs to your ex but i took loan of 3k when we moved to new rented house in 2014 which is quite back time.

I am paying maximum which my company offer i.e 5% of my salary so i can't pay more than that.

I posted this because it look like i'm living in misreable circumtances where there is no saving and hig expenses and outgoing and child doesn't need that much money to raise and ex is enjoying extra money being remarried , child benefits and money from ME.


Topic starter Posted : 23/01/2022 7:02 pm
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@f4father I really feel for you, I was in the same position, I earn a decent salary and at one time, I was paying over £700 per month for one child, who has been alienated from me for 3 years, by evil ex and her new bloke


I am past bitter, the truth will always be there and I hope my son grows up and remembers all the good times we had and the facts, I have never missed a payment, travelled a round trip of over 1,200 miles every other weekend to see him, took him on holidays and paid what ever extra I was asked, but each time the ex met another "most wonderful man in the world" and moved my son in with a complete stranger, the alienation started

The process is all wrong, if you have a company car the benefit in kind is treated as income, as is any other benefit like private health, any bonus any overtime etc, so it make so it makes your salary look massively inflated, but these clowns still take the percentage, so after they have taken their cut, you have paid 40% tax, probably no tax free allowance, as your benefit in kind takes that, you are not left with much from what first seems a good salary


Keep strong, I recall sitting in a small rented room, in debt, not seeing how I could get out of this, but you can, I did, but I know what you are experiencing my friend

I took stock, I negotiated a long term repayment of debt with creditors, I moved to a cheaper part of the country, I returned the car, I took the car allowance and have saved a small fortune on this, as well as reducing my salary by over £10K for the benefit in kind, I pay the maximum allowed under CMS rules on my pension, now over 50% of my salary, I now pay 20% tax, all this has reduced my payments to £300 per month, enough for one child, now the ex is married and a two income household


Look at a private pension is work will not allow, but keep strong mate, you will get out of this


Posted : 24/01/2022 8:25 am
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@jgdad thanks for the motivational reply for my support.

Thanks for the options you given to me. my child is autistic and he must have forgotten me as i haven't seen him from 2.5 years now .... those special kids need more attention of parents as compare to normal kids

what this country wants that a child shouldn't meet his dad due to allegation of unsubstantiated evidence... they should know Father builds the kids personality

yes i agree on the salary cuts you mention.

I was thinking i left my parents my home country for bright future in this country and see what i'm ended up.. paying debts paying CMS and not seeing the child .....

anyway i know time changes so i'm positive time will change sooner or later....

thanks again for your kinds words and reply. appreciated

Topic starter Posted : 24/01/2022 10:18 am

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