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Will my payments end?

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Hi all

I'm hoping you can help me with my child maintenance arrangement.   I am currently paying for my daughter, who turns 20 on the 8th February 2022. 

My payments go out on the first of the month.  

I have spoken to the cms several times and each time, what I'm told contradicts previous conversations with them. 

Basically, I want to know if the 1st February 2022 will be my last payment, and should that payment be for the full month, or calculated for the 8 days to my daughters 20th birthday?  

The Cms have told me that payments stop on the 8th, and also payments are in arrears so February's payment is for January (which doesn't match what happened when paying for my eldest daughter).  I've also been told to pay the full amount until told otherwise, which would mean over paying by 10 months.  I've also been told to tell the cms she's working, so they can investigate, but that will take 3 months. 

I will be trying again to contact the cms, although it is like beating my head against a wall.  Any insight you can give will be gratefully received.


Topic starter Posted : 26/01/2022 8:06 am
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this video should be useful to you:

I have seen some letters they sent out to other parents, where child is automatically removed from their system when reaching age 20. it is a very automated system, and they expect parents to report any changes ASAP, otherwise you could end up paying for longer than you need to.

Posted : 26/01/2022 8:58 am
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@bill337  hi Bill

Thanks for the video link. Hope the guy in the video managed to get some of his money back eventually. 

The problem I have is that even if they remove my daughter from their system on her 20th birthday, my payments are paid directly  to my ex-wife.   Who certainly won't rush to tell the cms anything. 


At the moment, I'm thinking of making February's full payment,  and then cancelling the standing order.  

Topic starter Posted : 26/01/2022 9:52 am

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