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CMS - didn't declare lost job and was on JSA

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Looking for some advise because this feels so unjust. From up until June 2023 I have always paid my childs mother maintenance direct however I then lost my job. I still had the child over as normal it just meant I could not pay her. I went on to job seekers allowance and then fell into a really dark place with depression and was even put on medication as I was suicidal. My current partner carried the financial burden for our home and care of my child whilst I was going through all of this which has land us in lots of debts. I did not advise CMS I was on JSA as it wasn't my first thought given the struggles I was going through. Instead of discussing with me, my childs mother went to CSA and set up collect and pay. I was not aware of this. Fast forward, I am back on my feet and now working however CMS are saying I owe ££££ of money from when I was on JSA because they had on record I was employed and earning my salary (which I wasn't and can prove). After speaking with them they have said they cannot back date that I was on JSA and I have to pay what I would owe if I was on my old salary. Is this right? It seems so unfair. I can provide all the evidence I need to show I had JSA as my only income but they have point blank refused. I cannot afford the amounts they are demanding and have provided and up to date salary, but are now threatening to take legal action. Please can some one help, I cant even sleep at night with all this.

Topic starter Posted : 25/04/2024 1:34 pm
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Unfortunately thats how CMS operate, they expect paying parent to inform them right away if they have lost their job. How much are the arrears?

What you can do is call them on 0800 171 2345 and tell them your struggling to pay, and they should be able to spread the arrears repayments over 2 years or more, to make it more affordable for you.

Posted : 25/04/2024 2:11 pm

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