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CMS whilst in full-time education and on Universal Credit

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I am currently in receipt of Universal Credit and make child maintenance payments for a child. I also have my own family that I live with. 

In a few weeks I will be starting a full-time course at university. This is something I have been working hard towards and I am hopeful it marks the start of a better life for my family. I have been told by Universal Credit that I will be able to maintain my claim whilst I study. 

It was my understanding that once I am in full-time education I would not be liable for child maintenance payments. However, today I was told by the CMS that if I am in receipt of universal credit then I would still have to make the payments, regardless of being in full-time education.


Can anyone please clarify this for me? If I do have to maintain these payments then it is unlikely I will be able to do this course.  

Topic starter Posted : 05/09/2022 9:56 am
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Far as am aware, if you get universal credit then you have to pay £7 a week in maintenance.

Posted : 05/09/2022 12:06 pm

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