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Fluctuating pay periodic income check

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Hello folks, I work as a nurse and my job involves rotational weekend and nightshift work which isn't overtime. However, this can vary my wage from month to month. For example my taxable pay this month is £2487.13 and for July it was £2226.19. Child maintenance sent me an email last night requesting a periodic current income check. I have a thirteen year old daughter who I haven't seen for over six years and not through lack of trying either. My current payments are £260.53 a month which may not sound a lot but I live on my own and by the time rent, council tax etc is paid I am left with little like many thousands across the country. I just feel there is little incentive in me doing any overtime as I am aware that my CM would just keep rising. Does there need to be two consecutive months where i exceed the 25% for my payments to change. I am hugely stressed with it all and don't sleep well as I am always worried at the end of year annual review that I will be left with a huge bill. Many thanks 

Topic starter Posted : 31/08/2022 5:00 am
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CMS usually say if your income goes up or down by 25% you should let them know asap. in your current situation it looks like there has been no 25% change. but as CMS still asking for periodic income check, you can give them your most recent pay slip.

would recommend this support group for paying parents:

Posted : 31/08/2022 10:00 am

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