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College and work for my child combined, does it make a difference?

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I know this may seem like an erratic request so please accept my apologies up front for that.

My child is 19, but has signed on to another course, I think just over 12 hours a week, as I understand it, that is a qualifying course.

I had been asking my ex if my child had a job for 6 months, she kept saying no - it turns out, he has had for quite some time.  I don't know how many hours etc.  Now I have said I can prove he has a job, she says - it was only temporary and now he's stopped working to go back to college.

I asked for evidence of earnings and was denied.

At each point I ask for proof at both him having a college course and not having a job, I am refused any information.  I am told to accept this and carry on paying, which is an informal arrangement.

Do I have any choices?  I have never stopped paying since he was under 1 year old, but I am in severe financial situation now and I am genuinely struggling - I still have made sure that they are my first payment every month.  I think I'm being lied to, what should I do to protect myself?  Are there any means I can use to check he is actually in education and also not working?   I know he definitely has been working but does that affect what I should be paying?

If he is working but also in a qualifying education status, does that mean I still am required to pay?  I know that sounds horrid....but I really am struggling and I know they are not.


Topic starter Posted : 12/09/2022 10:11 pm
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If its an informal arrangement and you are not required to pay by the CMS then it would appear you can just stop.  She can then make a claim to the CMS.  You can use the calculator on the CMS site to find out how much you would have to pay.  If she's not getting child benefit then I think you do not have to pay maintenance.  Do you have any contact with your son?  You can ask him how he's doing and find out the true situation

Posted : 14/09/2022 8:14 am
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Hi - probably a bit late for you, but your child would have had to enrol on the course before they were 19yrs old to qualify for child benefit. As they don’t qualify for CB you don’t need to pay maintenance 

Posted : 23/07/2023 9:15 am

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