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direct pay wont giv...
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direct pay wont give bank details

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Hi all,

I'm a new user but divorced 10 years and paid CMS before but was unemployed and haven't paid f9r a year.   Have now declelared income and do not dispute amount to pay but cannot make d8rect payment as my ex wife refuses to provide bank details.

Any ideas how to make a payment and prove this ??


Any help greatly appreciated.

Topic starter Posted : 21/02/2024 7:20 pm
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If CMS involved then I suggest you ring them on 0800 171 2345 and ask for her bank details. If she refuses them in theory CMS should close case. Other option is CMS may give you their own account details, you pay into it and they send to her.

Posted : 21/02/2024 7:48 pm
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@bill337 thanks for your response I'll call again tomorrow, but hace spent at least 6 hours on the phone to the CSA in the last 2 months and everytime placed back in a hold que and then cut off.

Topic starter Posted : 22/02/2024 12:13 am

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