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i will try to be brief. My daughter is 17 (18 this year). I paid maintenance traditionally until she left secondary school. I continued to pay for a further year, then eventually found out my daughter was not enrolled in college or any approved classes etc. she was doing nothing. Naturally I sent the maintenance by bank transfer and titled it as child maintenance. I saved the bank statements too. I eventually stopped paying December 2022. My ex wife said she’d use cms to deal with it, however I did tell her to forward the bank statements with the overpayment. I asked for proof that our daughter is in approved education. Then it went all silent. So I’ve been sending thousands to my ex wife for no reason. Now my daughter has decided to start college, some Mickey Mouse course to become a beautician. Again I asked if it’s an approved course. Then I mentioned the overpayment. Instead of being honest with me and treating me like a human being, I was treated like a bank. My ex wife claims universal credit, works 1 day a week, won’t let my daughter work as it will affect the benefits. So it’s clearly obvious I’m being taken for a mug. However, last thing I need is getting caught up with a biased cms and not putting the attention into the overpayment I made for 1 year! Any advice? My ex is asking for money, no proof of anything to say it’s approved education, but like most guys cannot be bothered to go through the whole drama thing.

Topic starter Posted : 21/02/2024 8:15 am
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If CMS get involved now, they will not do anything about overpayment, will likely ask you to open a small claims court case against your ex. If mother still recieving child benefit, then CMS will expect you to continue paying  maintenence.

Posted : 21/02/2024 1:57 pm

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