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Falsely accused of domestic violence and child maintanence

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Hi everyone, i hope you're well. The mother of our unborn child accused me of stalking, control and coercion approximately 2 years ago, where this is still ongoing. The police have stated that there was no evidence to indicate such accusations and did not proceed further. I am now currently under a work registration investigation (my practice licence) due to my role. Totally ruined my life where having been under mental health service due to suicidal thoughts, and have no clue what i will do next. Currently unemployed due to having lost my job and the thought of not seeing my child kills me.


I have had no contact with the child or enquired about child mainantance as im frankly too scared to do so due to still being under investigation and if the accuser will voice further false accusations. She has not contacted me since the 2 years but fear a child maintance letter with a large debt having been generated. 


I keep reading various forums etc and find very little regarding this, where it is always about the woman experiencing domestic violence and receiving all the support under the sun. 


Im just asking really for any advice or if anyone else has been in this situation. 


Thanks everyone in advance.


C x

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Topic starter Posted : 28/05/2022 8:34 am
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If ex opens a case with Child maintenance service, they will not make you pay backdated amounts. You only pay from the date she opened a case. And usually you would receive a letter from CMS about it. If your getting benefits like JSA or Universal credit, then CMS would expect you to pay £7 a week maintenance.

Posted : 28/05/2022 2:39 pm

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