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Few questions please

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I have done some research but getting a little exasperated with CMS responses.

I will start with the simple stuff if I may.

4 children - 18yrs old (just gone to Uni), 2 x 16yr olds in college and an 8yr old.

8yr old with a different mum and have slightly different over night access with her which puts her in a Band B compared to others on A.

I assumed my oldest when in uni was still in full time education and I would continue to pay happily, but after today looked more closely at detail and as she lives away I no longer need to pay for her I think (which suggests same in letter)

With the three remaining children do I continue paying the same amount I was, divided between the three rather than four?

I assumed there was some pro rata calculation which would mean the cost would go down slightly when oldest dropped off. 

Although articles I have read since recent correspondence suggest there would be no difference between three or four children on the % I pay? But once twins reach 18 I will go from paging for 3 to 1 and percentage will drop accordingly? (The article does quote a "basic" rate, assume that's just a normal rate)

So if its 19% as per article that's equally split across three children (and two mums)

There are some other issue which relate to more complex issues which I will ring them about tomorrow but just want to clarify this part 

Before my eldest went to uni in Septemver some calculations they refused to put numbers too and just kept hiding behind genetic letters and when I called would promise call backs with never any response.  To put it in context been making these direct payments for many many years without any missed payments so not trying to slip anything just confused by some of the ways they avoid actually making worked examples.

Thanks for any assistance.

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seems pretty complex. All I know is that you should not be paying maintenance for the child that is in Uni, as that is advanced education. if that child is still getting child benefit, then CMS will likely tell you that you have to keep paying maintenance. it can be problematic if your not in touch with kids and if the ex is dishonest.

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Posted : 13/10/2021 9:25 pm
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Have you put your own figures in to the CMA calculator online on their web page. I would think your payment should go down. 

Posted : 14/10/2021 7:56 am
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Thanks both. It looks as if the eldest has now come off claim, that was more my own thinking that I presumed it carried on.

Payments have remained the same though which I guess is because of that calculation above.

My main issue is getting some clarity on arrears.  I was in a relationship separate to these with a child in house which after quite a while I put on claim (to allow for a deduction as I was providing financially - think it's 12%).

After a very messy break up I did forget to take the child off the claim and quite rightly I need to pay back that figure which had been discussed.  No matter how I've tried calculating it I just cannot see it is as much as they say it is.

They have pretty much refused outright to provide me with any calculation which given I have to pay it, seems slightly unreasonable.

I'll call them this morning again, have exchanged many online messages and phone calls. If I don't get any clarity may write formally as a complaint.

Again, it was my error in not taking the child off and happy to pay but I just want to see their calculations for this amount as doesn't seem right to me.

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@bill337 I'm in touch with kids and have been throughout. No real issues with the mums either although one is always trying to adjust claim etc etc.

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