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FIU investigation any positive stories?

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Hi all

I had the FIU investigation call back in December and to cut a long story short they have assessed my salary at £56k for the tax year 22-23

The reality is that my business turned over 30k and I paid myself £17.5k.

Everything is above board and transparent, I have filled my tax return and they have all of this information.

I now have a MR and I have now in addition been able to give them my year end accounts.

Everything I have read online has been negative about this process, surely this cant be the case?!?

Does anyone have any experience of the situation going in their favour?

Whenever I post this on groups I get a load of negative stories which is fair enough but any positive ones out there?

Here's hoping and thank you for reading.







Topic starter Posted : 24/02/2024 5:02 pm
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It's understandable to feel anxious about a tax investigation, but it's important to remain optimistic. While negative stories often dominate online discussions, there are cases where investigations work out positively for individuals. Your transparency and providing accurate documentation, such as your year-end accounts, greatly support your case. Remember, tax investigations aim to ensure fairness, and as long as everything is above board, there's reason to hope for a favorable outcome. Stay proactive in providing any necessary information and trust in the process. Best of luck with your MR, and remember that many have navigated similar situations successfully.

Posted : 16/03/2024 9:06 am

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