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Equal Shared Care

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Has anyone managed to get the CMS to accept they have 50% equal shared care without having to drag the case to a tribunal?  I have a court order stating we have equal residential care 7 days per fortnight.  I have followed the advice in the above pinned post stating we have equal day to day care, i'll take my son to school, dentist, medical appointments etc.  Even quoting the regulations from 2012.  They have accepted the court order, but i still need to pay approx £200 a month.  

I've basically just had the generic letter back stating they have checked with my ex and she has denied this so there will be no change to payments.  Complete lie and she will have no evidence for this.  I've fought tooth and nail through the family court to get my son 50% of the time.  My ex was previously withholding contact purely so I had to pay her more maintenance.  In her eyes she was being financially awarded / financially better off by refusing me contact.  

I just feel this whole system is completely broken, isn't fit for purpose and causes a huge amount of distress.  But as we know nothing will ever ever change. 

No wonder the suicide rate is so high in young men.  I can't believe the CMS has not been highlighted in the more public domain.  The family court has somewhat saved my faith in humanity as they seen right through my ex as to what has been going on.  I just wish the CMS would follow suit, be more fair, fit for for purpose and realise they have a massive potential to ruin lives and financially cripple parents.  

(To make matters worse my ex receives the child benefit too - but they seem to use this as a reason to award them even more money which makes absolutely no sense.  Surely that should be split too between mum and dad - but that's a whole other topic...)

Topic starter Posted : 26/02/2024 12:13 am
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hi, i recommend you join this support group for paying parents. there's lot of members that have same issue and sorted it out:




Posted : 27/02/2024 5:12 pm

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