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My daughter is 18 a...
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My daughter is 18 and says she is going to Tech

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Any help appreciated... My daughter is 18 and has told me she is going to a local Tech next year to do a computer course.

I have always and still do pay maintenance to her mother via a mutual agreement. 

My daughter has seen me sporadically over the last few years and in June her 18th birthday I gave her a £6000 savings policy to help her going forward.  Unfortunately since I handed it over there has been no contact.?

My question is am I legally obliged to keep paying maintenance to her mum until she is 20? I have no proof or knowledge of her going to Tech or what she will be doing there.

Any help would be much appreciated. 

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Topic starter Posted : 23/07/2022 9:19 am
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Are you paying via CMS or is it a private arrangement? If it's private, then you have the option of stopping payment, and your ex could then open a case with CMS, at which point, they'd assess whether you actually are liable for payments (I'd check the CMS calculator to see how much you'd be paying). You do have the option to open a case with CMS yourself, and for the cost (I think it's £25 one off), I'd say it's worth doing as you can then close the case rather than relying on your ex when the time comes.

Posted : 28/07/2022 3:22 pm

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