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My son is now livin...
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My son is now living with me

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Apologies if this is a REALLY daft question... 

My 15 year old son was living with his mother after our divorce 10 years ago.  I have paid maintenance in accordance with the CM Calculator found on since then.  Unfortunately, she has now developed a serious drinking habit and I have had to move back up to be near him and am renting a flat so that he has a safe space to escape to if he needs it...

He now needs it and has moved in with me.  Does this mean I no longer have to pay child maintenance to my ex ?  And am I entitled to claim from her ?


Many thanks !

Topic starter Posted : 23/04/2024 8:09 pm
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hi. if son living with you is permanent, ideally you need to claim/transfer child benefit to yourself. that way CMS will consider you to be primary carer, and thus should stop paying maintenance. then you can claim from her if you open a CMS case.

Posted : 24/04/2024 11:44 am

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