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School clothes

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HI Guys 

 I pay 734 pounds per month and have 35/65% in her favor.  I get my children alternate weekends and I paid for shoes , school clothes and trips until the financial settlement.  Child maintenance continues and she was providing PE clothes on Mondays as I only get them alternate weekends and Monday drop offs.  She now has refused to send PE clothing without telling me.  The issue is, 

1. she never returns things on time

2.  PE days are Mon and Thurs and I get them alternate Mondays school drop off

3. She has suddenly decided not to send clothes without informing me


Should 734 pounds maintenance not cover clothes, how is it fair that I need to buy another 70 pounds worth of PE kit for 1 day of 14 when she gets them fro 3 days of 14 for PE?

Topic starter Posted : 20/09/2023 6:30 am
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Child maintenance is to support kids when they are in their mother's care. For past few years I have been buying clothes for kids and keeping them at my house etc. I avoid sending any clothes or gadgets over to mums house. If she stops sending PE kit with kids, then I would have no choice but to buy them. If its just t shirts and stuff, then can get for cheap in shops like primark.

Posted : 20/09/2023 1:22 pm
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Have you informed CMS about the kids staying overnights with you? They reduce your payments to take this into account.

Posted : 20/09/2023 1:25 pm
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The issue relating to clothes is something many fathers have had to financially endure. in 2022, the CMS confirmed to me that the claimant (i.e., the person receiving child maintenance) is responsible for the child's day to day care, which importantly includes buying their clothes, footwear and even paying for the child's haircuts. In the absent of this, it could be argued that they are neglecting the child, albeit that's matter for social services and could easily remedy itself before the case even got to court.

Many non-resident parents (with care - even up to 50/50) find themselves buying shoes and clothes (and paying for other items) due to the vindictive nature of one parent, invariably (but not exclusively) the mother. Ultimately, the child should not suffer, which is why many non-resident fathers continue to pay maintenance and provide for the child in other ways (such as clothes, shoes, hair cuts and other recreational costs. including club membership fees). Unfortunately, the additional outlay is seen as 'voluntary' by the CMS and will not bring about a change to the child maintenance you pay, which is based on contact time, Child Benefit (i.e., who receives it) and where a child schools and is registered for their doctor/dentist.

Posted : 05/10/2023 2:53 am

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