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Strange questions at handover

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Hi guys,

Still a strange situation as spoken about basically I was paying my ex £60 per week family arrangement for my son I've never missed a payment for well she randomly got CMS involved and it come back I have to pay £59.48 per week (chose monthly direct pay £259) based on my 52 nights a year and income.this whole time we still seem to get on and she messages me alot regarding good things my son has done.


At handover earlier she said something weird "So are you wanting your son all weekend or do you want to drop him of Saturday" she's never asked that before in the 4 years I've been doing every other weekend we both just laughed it off but I didn't think about it till I drove home its maybe about overnights amount.


Sign of more stress to come as he gets older?,she may say things like you don't have to go if you don't want to etc 

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hi, how old is your child? maybe she is asking those questions, as less overnights you have mean she gets more maintenance money.

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He 5 years old i paid £50 per week from birth to age 3 then changed it MYSELF to £60pw as per calculations.


I'm just not sure whats she's expecting we only have 1 child and been doing every 2nd weekend for last 3 years and because she's so bad a budgeting I rather draw a line in the sand and pay what cms say because I reckon even if I gave £100 pw after a while she will still be struggling 


For 1 child the weekly payments dont even differ than much someone on 21k a year could pay £50 pw yet someone on 35k a year could pay £70 per week .


2 kids is when you really feel it surely

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