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Suggestions or help - CMS New Claim/Backdate

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Hi All, 

First post here. Cutting the long story short, I've paid the mother of my girl (10) every month without fail and now because she cannot get a mortgage because we're on a private agreement, she's going through CMS. I've offered more money but she wants to go down this route.

She's started a claim and because they could to get hold of me (rang me at 3:55pm, did not leave a message and their offices close at 4pm) they've said the claim is now on hold for 3 months. This all sounds a bit wild to me. She's now asking monthly payments but will the CMS back date from when she started the claim?

I literally cant afford to pay her and then have a monthly fee come out of my bank as I'm moving in to a new house soon as my own and can't risk more money leaving my account than it needs to be.

I appreciate any help or advice.


Topic starter Posted : 23/08/2022 12:37 pm
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it's odd that they state the claim is on hold for 3 months. this means that after 3 months, they will expect you to start paying maintenance through them, and as case has been on hold for 3 months, there is high chance they will add 3 months worth of arrears onto your monthly maintenance, meaning you pay more each month. I suggest to be very proactive with them. phone them or have a web chat ASAP.

would recommend you join this group for paying parents. lot of experienced members there:

Posted : 23/08/2022 3:04 pm

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