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What can I do?

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So my ex and I split about 5 years ago. I was always told I had no rights, I was 19 when we split. She moved 180 miles away knowing I never wanted to, and took my daughter with her. Now I still live in the town my daughter was born in. I have a wife and kids here. Mt wife helped me see I had rights and has helped me get proper contact with my daughter. But I can't apply for a variation as cms say I won't get it as I'm on benefits, my wife works full time. I'm just confused as to why I should pay when I have to get train tickets that cost well over £110 every other month when she chose to move 180 miles away? We're on a low income, my wife has recently taken on more overtime at work but we won't be seeing the increase for a while . Do I have to go back to court again to get cms stopped because my ex moved 180 miles without my consent? I physically cannot have my child more due to the distance and cost otherwise I would love to,  I love having her here and showing her around the town she grew up in for almost 3 years. She loves seeing her younger siblings and I just feel that we're both missing out on a lot because of her mums sole decision. 

Topic starter Posted : 23/08/2022 10:34 am
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yes thats correct, if your on benefits then CMS do not allow you to claim expenses such as travel for contact with children. Child arrangements and child maintenance are treated as 2 totally separate issues. If your somehow able to move closer to where you ex lives, then that would make it easier for you to spend more time with kids. If you were to go to family court, then they would have a very dim view of a parent if they are there to get more time with kids, in order to stop paying child maintenance.

Posted : 23/08/2022 3:00 pm

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